Founded in 2021, the Canadian Audio Visual Providers Association (CAVPA) is an independent group of Canadian-owned sound, light and audio visual equipment rental and production companies.

Our membership focus is on those businesses that service the corporate audio visual space including meetings, conferences, galas, trade shows, ceremonies and other types of events typically held in convention centers, hotels and other conference facilities.

The purpose of CAVPA is to promote an open marketplace for Canadian-owned audio visual companies, to advocate for the interests of our members to governments, to educate event planners and their associations/clients in their freedom of choice in audio visual providers in venues and protect against monopolistic and anti-competitive practices in their sector.


Engage – with governments, event planners, venues and the public on the benefits and value provided by Canadian-owned audio visual companies. Promote recognition of the audio visual and event technology industry as critical supply chain service providers supporting many other key sectors.

Educate – event planners, government and other stakeholders:

  • on the importance of our industry and its enabling impact on live events of all types
  • on the economic and employment contribution made by Canadian-owned audio visual companies
  • on the many benefits of using Canadian-owned audio visual companies
  • on the options available to event planners when booking venues that will enable them to have freedom of choice in their selection of audio visual vendors without financial penalties from the facility

Advocate – with Provincial and Federal Governments on issues of importance to our members.

Protect – ensure Canadian-owned audio visual businesses have an equal opportunity to provide their services at events and venues across the country and challenge monopolistic and anti-competitive practices that seek to harm the competitiveness and viability of Canadian-owned audio visual companies.

With the engagement of our members, we will advocate for an open process for our clients with their selection of audio visual provider(s) for events in facilities and venues across Canada by:

  • Educating event planners and their associations/clients on the advantages of hiring a Canadian independently owned audio visual provider.
  • Identifying possible hidden costs or consequences of not using a venue’s inhouse provider, such as increased fees for power, internet, rigging, etc. and how to negotiate these in advance of finalizing a contract.
  • Promoting full transparency from venues on what additional charges will be incurred if event planners do or do not hire an independent audio visual provider and including these costs in the initial venue contract.
  • Conducting event planner, government, and public education campaigns to promote freedom of choice in audio visual providers, and to call out anti-competitive practices.

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Active membership shall be open to companies providing audio visual services that are:

  • at least seventy-five percent (75%) owned by Canadian natural persons or by corporations the majority of whose shares are owned by Canadian natural persons;
  • and whose shares are not held by an equity fund;
  • and who satisfy such other criteria as may be set out in the policies of the Association by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Membership dues are based on company current year annual gross revenue, or the most recently completed year, whichever is higher.

Under $1 million: $595.00 + HST/GST
$1 million - $2.5 million: $995.00 + HST/GST
$2.5 million - $5 million: $1,895.00 + HST/GST
Over $5 million: $2,899.00 + HST/GST


An Associate Member is open to companies and individuals who are suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and industry partners to the meeting and event industry. Or others who satisfy such other criteria as established by the Board from time to time.


Corporation: $495.00 + HST/GST
Individual: $195.00 + HST/GST


*Full Year membership is November 1st - October 31st

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