Who Are We?

The Canadian Audio Visual Providers Association represents Canadian-owned sound, light and audio visual equipment rental and production companies.  Our membership focus is primarily on those businesses that service the corporate audio visual space, including meetings, conferences, galas, trade shows, ceremonies and other types of events typically held in convention centers, hotels and other venues.


The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic had a severe and disproportionate impact on all live events businesses, especially capital and employee intensive ones such as audio visual providers.  The small and niche nature of our industry has meant that governments at all levels have seemingly been ignorant of the existence and needs of our business, and it became apparent that the best way to collectively have our voices heard by government was by joining together with a national association to represent our members.

Additionally, in recent years Canadian independent audio visual providers have seen the growth of industry consolidation to the point where the Canadian market is now dominated by a single large global competitor.  This has led to a substantial increase in monopolistic and anti-competitive practices to the detriment of Canadian-owned audio visual companies, the majority of which are privately owned small businesses.   


Engage – with Governments, event planners, hotel & conference facilities and the public on the benefits and value provided by Canadian-owned audio visual companies and promote recognition of the audio visual and event technology industry as critical supply chain service providers supporting many other key sectors.

Educate – event planners, government and other stakeholders:

Advocate – with Provincial and Federal Governments on issues of importance to our members

Protect ensure Canadian-owned audio visual businesses have a fair opportunity to provide their services at events and venues across the country and challenge monopolistic and anti-competitive practices that seek to harm the competitiveness and viability of Canadian owned audio visual companies

By joining together, Canadian-owned audio visual companies can amplify our message and influence with a much larger voice.  Your membership in CAVPA will enable our industry to be better heard by governments and other stakeholders and will represent our interests in a way that no single company could achieve on their own.